Cherry Pie by Leigh Redhead

Cherry Pie by Leigh Redhead

‘It was dark and cold when she opened her eyes and her right leg throbbed with pain.’

Simone Kirsch is working hard to raise the money she needs to set up her own Private Investigator business.  Simone needs lots of gadgets to be an effective Private Investigator, and everything costs money.  Stripping is one way to get that money.  One night, Andi Fowler, a childhood friend of Simone’s turns up, asking Simone for help.  Andi’s sure that she’s on the trail of something big in the hospitality industry.  Simone is busy, so she brushes Andi off.  But, when Andi disappears the next day after leaving a desperate ‘phone message, Simone becomes involved.

Simone, and her helpful friend Chloe, start investigating.  Andi was working at the trendy restaurant Jouissance: a good starting point for Simone to start investigating.  But things start to go wrong, and some serious threats result in Simone heading from Melbourne to Sydney where her Mum is.   There just may be a connection there, deep in the past, that will help Simone find Andi.

It just wouldn’t be a Simone Kirsch story if it wasn’t complicated.  While Simone is starting to think about more about what she is doing, and possible consequences, she’s starting to stretch a few friendships.  She’s trying to stay faithful to Sean, is still attracted to Alex, and manages to get in the way of the police.  Can Simone find Andi?  Can Simone work her way through the disasters that seem to follow her?

‘Cherry Pie’ is the third book in the Simone Kirsch series.   It’s a little darker than the first two books, which makes me wonder what book four has in store for Simone and her friends.

I’ve enjoyed these novels so far.  While I’ve learned more about stripping than I’ll ever need to know, I’ve enjoyed learning more about Simone as she tries to make a new life for herself as a Private Investigator.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith



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