Throw Away Girls by Jennifer Vaughn

Throw Away Girls by Jennifer Vaughn

‘Girls like you don’t matter.’

Jaycee Wilder is a television reporter in Los Angeles.  She’s ambitious, keen to catch a big story, keen to improve her career prospects.  Her chance comes after three women are murdered over a six-month period along Hollywood Boulevarde.  Detective James Barton, a policeman with his own demons, is investigating the cases and approaches Jaycee.  As a consequence, Jaycee finds herself well placed for an exclusive story.  But the murdered women are linked with sex clubs, which makes it difficult to determine who the clients are and what evidence might be relevant.

It opens with a murder in progress, signalling that this is not a light read.  It’s after this murder that Jaycee becomes involved, remembering the other two cases and thinking that a serial killer may be involved.  She’s concerned that the victims will be written off as having got what they deserved and wants to see justice for these women.  Jaycee becomes personally involved in the investigation, and involves her boyfriend Van as well as her photographer Ben.  And as Jaycee becomes involved, seeking to find the killer, she puts herself at risk.  Who is the killer?  Can he be stopped before another woman is murdered?

The story moves between characters: Jaycee, James Barton, and the killer each contribute points of view at different stages.  This works to both maintain the suspense as well as to give more depth to each character.  Ms Vaughn has written a fast moving crime thriller with a powerful female protagonist.  I enjoyed reading, this novel, and while I didn’t always agree with Jaycee’s choices, they certainly kept me turning the pages.

Note: My thanks to NetGalley and Waldorf Publishing for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review purposes.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith


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