Moth Hunters of the Australian Capital Territory by Josephine Flood

‘It was clear that there were at least two groups in what is now the ACT when the Europeans arrived in the 1820s, and that within fifty years both groups had virtually disappeared.’

This booklet provides a wealth of information about Aboriginal life and sites in the Canberra region. Feasting on Bogong moths was an annual event, which once took place every summer on the summits of the Australian Alps.  These days, sadly, the Bogong moths are often attracted to the lights of the Australian Parliament House whilst en route and what was once a feast for Aboriginal people is an annoyance.  A waste of what I understand to be highly nutritious food.

Dr Josephine Flood self-published this booklet in 1996, and it is an interesting and informative introduction to traditional Aboriginal life in the Canberra region.  This booklet was referred to by Australian author Karen Viggers as reference material for her novel ‘The Grass Castle’, and I was fortunate enough to track down a copy to read.   I found other references, too, for when I have more time.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith



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