Kill Switch by Steve N. Lee

Kill Switch by Steve N. Lee

‘Like playing Russian roulette in slow motion, waiting for death tortured Catalina.’

I have to admit, the opening sentence caught my attention, and not necessarily in a good way.  A little further down the page, I read:

‘Reminding her of home, the architecture had given her a welcome glow.’

And I almost stopped reading.  For good.  But I kept going, determined to find out more about the glow-giving powers of architecture, and Catalina’s wait for death.

Mr Lee has written a fast-moving short novel (just over 160 pages), and if it isn’t always realistic it certainly held my attention.  While travelling in Krakow with her mother Elena, Catalina goes missing.  Tess Williams, a woman with a mysterious past, is also travelling in Krakow.  Elena enlists Tess’s help to find Catalina.  Tess, who seems to be well versed in martial arts, is more than happy to take on the bad guys while helping Elena.  Can Elena and Tess find Catalina?  How many people will lose their lives along the way?

‘People looked for their answers in countless places.  However, few realized they were all looking for the same thing – purpose, a reason to be.’

‘Kill Switch’ is the first of seven novels in ‘The Angel of Darkness’ series.  While ‘Kill Switch’ introduces Tess, and we learn something about her training, there is clearly a lot more to her story. While I enjoy stories with strong female protagonists, I’m not yet hooked on Tess’s story.

If you are interested in a fast-moving and violent story, with a strong (but at this stage enigmatic) female character, then this series may be for you.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith


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