Adaminaby, 5/4/2016


The sun looked a little hazy this morning, on a beautiful crisp autumn day.  I’m about 8 minutes into my 11 km walk, and it’s about 6.40 am.


Another couple of kilometres up the road, and here’s a kangaroo giving way to the traffic ….


On my way back home, about 7.45am and admiring the clear blue sky.
I love this walk, along the Yaouk Road to the Little River Road turn and back to Adaminaby.  There’s always something to see.


2 thoughts on “Adaminaby, 5/4/2016

  1. I still don’t think it’s fair that you get to see real kangaroos loose in the world. Not in a zoo.

    I notice you don’t get too close – is that because they are big strong animals best left at a safe distance? Like our buffalo? I know they can kick.


    1. Get too close? I’m not that fast . They are best left at a safe distance, if cornered they can attack and they can do a lot of damage. Usually, the first I know of being close to one is as it bounds off into the distance.

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