Canberra, ACT

Canberra, ACT

The official founding of Canberra was on 12 March 1913, and Canberra Day is celebrated on the second Monday in March.  This year it will be on Monday, March 14 2016.

Canberra is Australia’s capital city.  After federation, in 1901, a site for the capital was chosen.  The link below provides a lot more information about how the site for Canberra was chosen, how the city was designed and developed:

About Canberra

There’s more to Canberra than its role as the seat of federal government.  Because Canberra is the national capital, it has a number of national institutions, and some wonderful galleries and museums.  Fifty-five of those attractions are listed here:

Fifty-five Canberra attractions


Some of my favourite places include:

Australian War Memorial

National Library of Australia

Museum of Australian Democracy


Oh, and the lakes, the libraries and the beautiful open spaces.